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I'm an alumni of the Media Art and Design program and obtained my BFABachelor of Fine Arts – undergraduate students will graduate with this degree in 2013. This page is a collection of the works I did during my studies.




Decaying shelters (2012/WSWintersemester - winter semester 11)

Cardboard geodesic dome model
Usually architecture is designed for durability. I want to design architecture that isn't. Taking nature as inspiration I will design dwellings and shelters that completely decay. The idea is to transfer nature's cycle of growth and decay to modern human habitats.

Download project documentation (german): File:Decaying Shelters.pdf

Reconstructing the truth (2010/SSSommersemester – summer semester. Usually this is followed by the year. If not it could be something else. 10)

Reconstructing the Truth

Nowadays reality is a highly constructed body made up of many different ideas, desires and influences. The biggest reality producing machine, the media with all its different distribution channels, confronts us with a huge moving colourful mass made of countless pictures and sounds. The question about whether what we see is real or not is neither asked nor encouraged. The catchphrase of modernity is see it and believe it, a critical discourse is never held. While in ancient times, following Platon's ideas, reality to some is the dancing of shadows on a cave wall, for us it is the play of many differently coloured pixels on flat surfaces. Screens are our viewfinders to the wold. Our perception is created by artificial interfaces. The connection between reality and man is created by copper wires and silicium plates. A very fragile umbilical cord highly dependent on those who feed it thus holding the ultimate control.

Projektseite (englisch)/Project page

Raum im Dialog (2010/WSWintersemester - winter semester 09)

Raum im Dialog

Die Installation Raum im Dialog von Matthias Breuer untersucht die Einflüsse auf die Kommunikation durch den sie umgebenden Raum. Geschieht Kommunikation in einem offenen Raum, der also nicht ausschließlich für Sender und Empfänger zugänglich ist, werden Nachrichten unweigerlich durch äußere Einflüsse verändert, ähnlich dem "Stille Post"-Prinzip. Den Empfänger erreicht die ursprüngliche Nachricht in veränderter Form. Diese Veränderungen zeigen ein zeitliches und räumliches Abbild der Eigenschaften des Raumes, durch den die Nachricht gewandert ist. Je größer der Einfluss der Raumstruktur auf die Nachricht ist, desto mehr wird sie selbst zu einem Abbild des Raumes bzw. der Raum wird ihr Inhalt. Der ursprüngliche Informationsgehalt wird zwar verringert oder sogar zerstört, dafür werden neue Informationen hinzugefügt. Handelt es sich nicht nur um eine einfache Sender-Empfänger-Kommunikation, sondern um einen komplexen Dialog, führt der Raum eine fortwährende Konversation mit sich selbst.

The installation explores the influences of the sourrounding space to communication. Communication in an open space, a space where access is not limited to sender and receiver, will inevitable be disturbed by its sourrounding influences. The noise in the received message displays a spatial and temporal image of the space the message travelled through. The greater the influence of the space to the travelling message the more original information is lost but at the same time new information about the space itself is present. At the point where there is more noise than original message, the received message becomes the space itself.

Projektseite/Project page (german)

Blutopfer (2009/SSSommersemester – summer semester. Usually this is followed by the year. If not it could be something else. 09)

Blutopfer: Installationsansicht komplett

In der Installation „Blutopfer“ soll der Zusammenhang zwischen Partizipation, Ritual, Opfer und Blut dargestellt werden. Die imaginäre Bedeutung von Blut, vor allem im Zusammenhang mit Ritualen und Opfer, sowie die Teilnahme der Besucher wird in Bezug auf die Entstehung eines Kunstwerkes untersucht.

The installation trys to illustrate the connection between participation, ritual, sacrifice and blood. The imaginary meaning of blood, first and foremost in combination with ritual and sacrifice, as well as the participation of the spectator in relation to the creation of an artwork is explored.

Projektseite/Project page (german)

Works that didn't make it

Abgeschlossene Projekte/Finished Projects

  • Craftraum, the workshop/woodshop
  • GMU:RapMan, the GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen chair's 3D-printer
  • GMU:Designing things - making things, a class about making things (SSSommersemester – summer semester. Usually this is followed by the year. If not it could be something else. 10)
  • GMU:Processing Tutorium, Processing Workshop (WSWintersemester - winter semester 09 + SSSommersemester – summer semester. Usually this is followed by the year. If not it could be something else. 10)