your unstable neighbourhood MONDAY night Arduino sessions....

group at the first MONduino

Since nobody likes Monday, one way to make it fun is by doing some Arduino !!!

you can also edit this wiki, have fun AND you can also email everyone and check the email: google account: password: nopassword

please add yourself as a contacts and add yourself to the group : MONduino friends and then when you mail to everyone, mail to the group: MONduino friends and if you are the one hosting the next meeting, you can check the mail to see who is going to show up.


NEXT meeting

When: Monday January 25th >> 16:00h (?) Where: Room 201 in Marienstraße 5 (the Medien project room, NOT the petzi building)

WHAT ARE WE DOING? Lessons from the ASK Manual! download the free publication.

WHAT TO BRING? the usual and yourself... we have a bunch of piezo's so don't worry if you don't have one. Other than your computer and general Arduino board and tools, you don't need any other special parts.

please confirm your attendance by emailing :

... try to commandeer some soldering irons and stuff to set-up a real shop in 201... right now we have 1 iron but for this lesson we actually don't need to solder anyways.

we have a projector and speakers.

BYO (bring your own)

  • friends
  • computer
  • arduino and electronics
  • bread (food)
  • sausages, whatever else u might like to eat
  • music (we have speakers)

If you don't want to work on Arduino, you can also just come to hang out or work on something else.

previous meetings

  • Jan.18 - Marienstraße 5, Room 201
working together

Our first meeting in 2010! After a short warm up we started together with a tutorial and played melodies with the Piezo's (thanks to Kyd who had enough piezo's for all of us, so that everyone could play). We had also some new guests, who maybe come again next time.

  • Nov.23 - attic studio, 14 Lizst Straße, top floor

Kyd made soup(vegetarian) and tea and heat and provided power plugs and chairs and tables and a few little tools, like cutters and pliers and screw drivers. 4.5 people showed up and we talked a bunch, didn't do too much Arduino but we established that for future meetings that we'll try to make weekly, we'll follow common projects, set some challenges for ourselves (led by a different person each time) and follow tutorials together.

  • Nov.30 - chéz Jamie + Daniel, Brunnenstraße 10
leftovers the next morning

Jamie and Daniel made soup and grilled-cheese:) and provided also power plugs, internet, chairs, tables and good atmosphere. Including Jamie and Daniel we where 6 people. We did some arduino, processing and toy-hacking. We talked a little bit about which tutorials we could do together next time and made a list for centralized buying at so that we can follow next time together a tutorial. A suggestion was made to follow the [1] class notes of Spooky Projects.

support, tutorials

our own notes, etc

... feel free to add things here

Jamie and Kyd's messing about