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Talking and Dancing Flowerblume

Henry Hadathia

Media Architecture Master Student


Talking and Dancing Flowerblume is an interactive indoor art installation that shows the condition of the room, like illumination, humidity, and temperature. These are essential elements that influence the comfort level of people. This project use Flowerblume (project from Tangible Electronic course of Winter Semester 2016/17 with some improvements) as the medium to communicate to users. Each of these devices sends a value to the computer by using some sensors and shows the users the atmosphere of their room. Air condition and lighting are the main aspects for controlling this installation. These factors will change how this flower-like instrument reacts and make a form, like blooming or bud form. This state will tell the users the outcome of the changed value. Interacting with this gadget is also possible by using a provided mobile app. This app has the ability to control not only this device, but also all gadgets set up in the building.

Flowerblume 1.jpeg Flowerblume 2.jpeg Flowerblume 3.jpeg Flowerblume 4.jpeg

Right now flowerblume can be controlled manually and monitored by Blynk (http://www.blynk.cc).


File:Talking and Dancing FLowerblume.pdf