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Presentation Summerterm 2017
Interface Design Group
Prof. Dr. Jens Geelhaar, Michael Markert (Vertetung Professur Interface Design), Jason Reizner, Johannes Deich, Florian Wittig

Interface Design Showreel during Summaery 2017

During Summaery 2017 the windows of the ground floor of Marienstr.7b turn into an exhibition space for projects realized during different modules offered by the Interface Design Group. Students show their work on subjects such as Mobile Interfaces, Internet of Things Applications, Web Technologies, and Printed Electronics, in form of a slideshow.

The showreel of the Interface Design Group offers the opportunity, to get an insight into current student works. For each module there will be a screen displaying a slide show.

The project modules of Prof. Jens Geelhaar will present this semester's projects on Monday after Summaery, July 17, 11:00am at the Audimax behind the University Library.


"Project modules"

"Fach- und Werkmodule"

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: Cybernetic Sensor and Actor Systems in the Built Environment (Fachmodul) - Jason Reizner