IFD:Responsive Webdesign – Crash Course/Wiki Facelift and Mobile Optimization

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Linklist to prototypes

Natalia Suárez My Link

Simon Schneegans and Felix Lauer Our Link

Nicklas Slagbrand My Link

Zhang Yating My Link

Wang Yana My Link

Florian Wittig My Link

Xiangzhen LU and Yao CHEN Our Link (Hint: tap on headings for navigation)

Firstname Lastname My Link

Andrés Arteaga My Link

Olga Falko My Link

Alexander Vogt Wiki-Clone with working nav-menu

Tobias Westphal Nice Wiki

Christian Brinkmann und Anna Pfannstiel Link

minsoo Hwang and smin Kim our Link

Manuel Willem My Link

Zhang Yating(Thueringen news) My Link