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Garment as shelter in public space – strategies for clothing and body: which is not primarily about a pure aesthetic design, but more about the analysis of bodily manifestations and postures, and about the development of an own artistic position.

We will work with Arduino microprocessor boards (Lily-Pads), there will be an introduction to programming (Arduino / C-Syntax) by Michael Markert. Tina Aileen Au (Hong Kong / St. Martin's College of Art & Design, London) will support us in the workshop-week (after four weekly introductive meetings).

Dates & Syllabus

  • 23.10., 12-15h First Meeting, Introduction, Starter-Kits, Overview
  • 06.11., 13-16h Crash Course Programming for Arduino Part I, Foucaults Utopian Body, Project-Talks & Examples
  • 13.11., 13-16h Crash Course Electronics, Project-Talks, Foucaults Heterotopias, Project-Talks & Examples
  • 20.11., 13-16h Crash Course Programming for Arduino Part II, Foucaults Heterotopias, Project-Talks & Examples
  • 18.12., 14-16h Project-Talks
  • 12.01. to 16.01., 11-18h Workshop-Woche
  • 05.02., 14-16h Summary, Reviews, Short Documentation (Short Text + 1 Photo + Link to Webpage)



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