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Art+Design involving Rapid Prototyping

DIY 3D Printing Systeme

  • RapMan from BitsFromBytes is a commercially available 3d-printer. Features an approx. 20x20x20cm print area and up to three extruders. The european distribtor is A1 Technologies. It is not open-source. This is our 3d-printer.
  • RepRap is an open source printer in its second generation. The second generation's Mendel has an approx. 20x20x14cm print area. Different extruders can be used for other materials than plastic.
  • MakerBot is an open source printer from MakerBot Industries. Features an approx. 10.16x10.16x15.24cm print area. Different extruders can be used for other materiasl than plastic. A novelty is the Automatic Build Platform, a conveyor belt style heated build surface for mass production of parts. The european distributor is RoboySavvy.
  • FAb@Home is an open source printer in its second generation. The Model 2 uses a dual syringe extruder to print a wide array of materials including silicone, cement, stainless steel, cake frosting, and cheese. While its primary focus lies not on plastic extruding it is possible to use a plastic extruder and even other toolheads like a dremel.
  • Shapercube is an open source printer with an approx. 20x20x12cm print area. The Shapercube is sold via reprap source.
  • candyfab Dreidimensionale Objekte aus Zucker herstellen
  • Build a Polar 3-D Printer from Legos
  • Egg-Bot Egg printer from Evil Mad Science
  • Frost Bot Cookie icing bot


Rund um 3D im Eigenbau


3D Scanner

  • David Laserscanner Software based 3D Scanner, basic version is free. All you need is a webcam and a line laser.


Syringe Extruder

Contour Crafting

Wire Extruder


3D Software

  • OpenSCAD software for creating solid 3D CAD objects. Free software for Linux/UNIX, MS Windows and OSOperating System – for instance Apple's OS X stands for the tenth version of the OS X.
  • Rhonda, a 3D drawing tool with an unusual, intuitive approach.
  • FreeCAD is a general purpose Open Source 3D CAD/MCAD/CAx/CAE/PLM modeler
  • MeshLab Software to analyze and convert 3d-models, also good as stl viewer. Works on PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Netfabb. To repair STL data. There is a free “Basic” edition available.

Skeinforge and Axon

Whistle printed with Rapman and Axon

Skeinforge is a tool chain composed of Python scripts that converts your 3d model into G-Code instructions for Rapman. You can download the lastest version here. It's open source and available for your prefered operation systems.

Windows users can also use the BfB Axon Software to produce printable files for the Rapman 3D printer. Axon is based on skeinforge, but has a more user friendly interface. It works well and the printing results are very nice.

Online Anbieter von 3D Drucken und Druckern


Kits, Parts and Plastic

  • kd85 European Makerbot Representant in Belgium. Makerbot Kits, Supplies, Printing Plastic/Filament
  • reprapsource German Supplier of Shapercube 3D Printer Kit, RepRap Parts and Printing Plastic/Filament
  • GRRF German RepRap Foundation Shop. RepRap Parts and Printing Plastic/Filament
  • Bits from Bites British Company offering RapMan, Kits, Parts and Printing Plastic/Filament

Geometrie und Formen


Papiermodelle Paper craft