Инсталација / Installation

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“ИНСТАЛАЦИЈА / INSTALLATION” is researching and interpreting terms and principles of metabolism, morphogenesis, collective behavior, responsiveness, stimuli, adaptation, superorganisms, softness, fluidity, interactions in different forms and dimensions (externally: human-object, and internally: within the object itself), therefore connections between objects and in objects.

By theoretically researching the mentioned concepts through the prisms of architecture, art, but also natural processes, principles that represent the basis of the practical or pragmatic are established.

Through semester work, the researched “theoretical” united with “practical and material”, with the final production of tactile, kinetic, responsive, architecture sculpture, created as an alternation of standardized infrastructure.

“ИНСТАЛАЦИЈА / INSTALLATION” is dematerializing and decontextualizing elements in functional spaces and giving them new purpose and meaning, reshaping their existence from architectural elements to artistic objects. It is playing with typified and standardized, deconstructing architecture and constructing art.

p h a s e 01 *

The initial phase of the work is based on fascination and interpretation of the mentioned concepts (taken from nature). This phase was intuitive, guided by the bottom-up approach. It was important for establishing the course of further work, and setting and focusing on the further project development. The main feature of this phase is the establishment of the "stimuli" concept, and the by-product are videos that examine materiality, create shapes and forms and respond to stimuli - in this case pressure (air flow).

This phase is also important from the theoretical perspective, since during and after it I postulated and started to collect literature and theoretical references that influenced the further flow of thoughts in the work itself. Therefore, as an important part of the project development, and for the general impression in which direction the theoretical aspect of this work continues (translated into a later master thesis), you can see the bibliography here >>>>>>>>>> [1]

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p h a s e 02 *

...or formalizing the ideas I want to work on through words. The byproduct is a draft of thoughts (which is later re-structured in Thesis Proposal). In general, this phase shaped and answered the question “what do I want”, and is directly related to the further development of the project “Инсталација / Installation”. Here is a cut from it:


  • note: The full draft of the theoretical side of the project can be found here >>>>>>>>>> [2]

p h a s e 03 *

This phase of the project introduces the architectural narrative and is considering what installations in architecture are. It recreates and alternates standardized architectural elements and uses its infrastructure in different manner, retaining the context, dimensions, spatial elements. It combines those architectural elements with additional extensions that are creating new formalizations, use values and purposes of the artifacts in space.



p h a s e 04 *

This phase of the project is experimental probe of practical part of “ИНСТАЛАЦИЈА / INSTALLATION”. It is using technical principles of previous (virtual) phase, and aesthetical codexes that are visible in whole process of development.

It is brought to you through pictures and 2 videos: part 1- inflating & part 2- deflating: [4]



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