Project Module

Art in crisis? It may seem that right now everything else is more important than art. However, many people experience the cancellation of cultural events as a great loss, especially now when world views are changing.

Moreover, because of Corona, the digital media are becoming much more important and accepted as a given.

This module will explore the question of how everyday life should look in the future, what aims we want to pursue and what values we want to see as the basis for action and what we want to consider to be art in the future. In the module I offer you a collection of material about historical and current developments in media arts and design. We will discuss recent and future strategies to work with audiovisual and strategic media. You will have the opportunity to carry out your individual artistic or design related project. I offer professionale advice, moderation and support. These self-motivated and self-organized projects have to be realized until the end of the module in March. The plenum initiates open dialogue about these projects. It is planned to hold face-to-face meetings every two weeks at Coudraystrasse.

In the remaining weeks, our meetings take place virtually as online conferences.

First meeting: November 3rd, 9.15-12.30 at Coudraystrasse 11 C ground floor

Info: ursula.damm at