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Assignment ; 09.12.2020

Here are our patches; you can try with your own camera



We find some tutorials about how to use frame difference to create a melody with your movement. So, we tried it out and got the idea for make it a 2 player game:

We (Me and Mint) thought about making a game with two players: The game will start when Player 1 makes some movement and through webcam, he/she creates a melody. When it is recorded, Player 2 tries to make the same melody by making the similar movements (not necesarrily the same movements as well). The game evaluates the melodies to each other, if they are similar, Player 2 wins a point. First one to reach 10 points wins!

The Structure of the Game Start:

Round 1:


Movement --> Melody of player 1 --> Melody Stored

then, PLAYER 2:

Movement to make same as Melody 1 --> Melody of Player 2 --> Melody Stored


Melodies will be compared, if they are same/similar (pitch, amplitude or frequency???) --> Play 2 gets 1 point.


if the melody is not same, no one gets a point.

Round 2:

The game will be repeated as Round 1 by starting with PLAYER 2.

Points are stored until 5 points.

The game ends if one of the players reach 5 Points.

if Player 1: Winner, then Player 2: Loser

if Player 2: Winner, then player 1: Loser


(maybe we can add rematch button to make it restart)

OUR Tutorials link; 16.12.2020

Frame Differencing (Motion) to MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC Sequencer Max MSP tutorial

-Motion Tracking Sound - Kinect, Max and Ableton Live to Create Music From Movement

Drawing sound

another drawing sound

Assignment ; 06.01.2021


For this week, we explore color tracking and turn them to sound. From this step we want to combine color tracking with movement tracking, so that we can have a game where they can compete each other.