PRANASOL Prana (breath) --- Parasol (umbrella: symbolic protection)

Interactive installation - Collective bio-feedback device

What one will see/hear:

The installation is a single mechanical object, consisting of two black umbrellas, electronics (motors & micro-controllers) and two breathing sensors.

The umbrellas fabrics are connected together via a fabric extension between their rims (thus concealing the electronics inside and visually giving a single form to the piece.

Through active encouragement and live demonstration, visitors (2 at a time) will be given the chance to attach one breathing sensor per person to themselves, around the chest, and experience theirs and the others breathing (internal rhythms), as the Pranasol's individual umbrella mechanisms respond to and mimic each of their own chests expansion and collapse.

The installation requires 2 visitors at any one time, to use the device in order to experience their own breath, and the others breath in one single, external mechanical object: the Pranasol. The user is fed-back not just their own internal rhythm, but also the other participants inner rhythm of breath, also not completely separately, but combined in the single form of the Pranasol.


B3.jpg Circuit.jpg Shield Fin.jpg Inside 3.jpg

Image Pranasol1.jpg Image Pranasol2.jpg

What Is to be achieved on a cultural level:

The intention is to invite the visitors to a chance to momentarily heighten their awareness of their own minds movements, while also to experience a shared embodiment.

This style of bio-feedback is designed to, on the one hand, bring the participants awareness to the present moment by embodying their breathing, while simultaneously uniting their awarenesses through the shared externalisation of their most vital inner rhythms.

A meditation on breath, fragility, connectivity, embodiment, and unconscious communication through body-talk.

Technical infrastructure requirements:

Power supply (outlets): 4 ( 2 for computers minimum) time required for set-up: 1hour

duration of performance: Continuous demonstration (if not being used by visitors), visitors encouraged to use the device themselves, also with strangers.

furniture needed: 1 Table for computers.

Space requirements: 4m squared space for installation. (Pransol is 2 meters long)

other requirements:

Q> Will there be a possibility to attach the Parasol to the ceiling...? by drilling and installing a hook ?