GMU:Human and Nonhuman Performances II WS15/Ingeborg Henriksen

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TROLLING confronting taboos

Ingeborg Wie Henriksen and Quark (troll)

live stream. Online discussion with trolls

“Not being offensive for the sake of offensiveness, but the forced discourse. Force people to have discussions they otherwise would not have, because it´s uncomfortable. There is a message behind it, discussions need to happen, the only way to share information is by talking.”

I want to work with the Internet phenomena ”trolling”, and use it as basis to create a performance piece. I don´t know if I want to stage a discussion, or interview an actual troll? If it´s possible I would maybe like it to be a discussion with an avatar. Maybe a projection from some sort of online virtual reality game. Maybe it would be recorded, or done live.

  • Requirements: Need projector, computer, all the material to connect these things. Something to project on. Maybe something cool. Table and chair.
  • Setup: Time 10 to 15 minutes
  • Location: Could work on stage

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