Kitten in Space!

Our concept was to realise an interactive ‘mini’ game in Unity controlled via touch OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] for smartphone. The sound accompanying the game is generated in Max MSP via OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] triggers from Iannix, this data is then transferred via OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] to affect the scale value in real time of the cube game objects in Unity.


Group Work By

  • Florian Froger (Unity & TouchOSC App Implementation)
  • Jonas Jülch (Unity & TouchOSC App Implementation)

    OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] Signal Diagram


    Iannix - Audio Input

    We created a simple score in Iannix to send triggers via OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] to be received in Max MSP.


    Max MSP - Audio Input/Output

    In Max we assembled a patch that triggers sound files responding to incoming OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] messages from Iannix. A bank of sound files pre-designed in Ableton are stored in a folder on the hard drive and called from the max patch as it receives the random trigger coordinates into the sprintf open %s.wav object. These triggers are then sent on to be received in Unity via the udpsend object in Max.



    Controller Input to Unity

    Touch OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] App

    We used the App "TouchOSC" for Android to control our Kitten in Unity. The design of the layout is inspired by the classic Nintendo controller.

    Effectively we used the "Directional Pad" to move our Kitten on the x and z axis and the blue button to jump.

    TouchOSC is communicating directly with Unity via OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]].

    OSC APP.png

    Unity TouchOSC Receiver Code

    This is the script we used to get the connection between Unity and TouchOSC established.

    In the "function update" part we move the player around. We receive the variables for this function via the function "AllMessageHandler" which you can find in the second part of the code.

    We used the following Unity Scene and it's included scripts as a template

    OSC Touch Receiver Code.jpg

    Video Doc