Bunch of Images

This microscope works more like a macro camera, because the magnification is not that high. the funny thing about, its the same camera, the hama ac 150, but maybe an older or updated model.

Blood Mikroskop.jpg Chalkdust Mikroskop.jpg Coolie Mikroskop.jpg Hair Mikroskop.jpg Hairs Mikroskop.jpg Hole in paper Mikroskop.jpg Iris Mikroskop.jpg Key 2t Mikroskop.jpg Key h Mikroskop.jpg Mole Mikroskop.jpg Moss 2 Mikroskop.jpg Moss Mikroskop.jpg Cnewspaper Mikroskop.jpg Screen Mikroskop.jpg Seam Mikroskop.jpg Spider leg Mikroskop.jpg Sponge Mikroskop.jpg Sponge 2 Mikroskop.jpg Wound Mikroskop.jpg Wound 2 Mikroskop.jpg Pencil Mikroskop.jpg

The Mikroskop

Mikroskop richtigrum.jpg Mikroskop aufm kopf raphael.jpg Mikroskop umgedreht nah.jpg

Surfaces i looked for

Zigarette Surface Detail.jpg Ahornblatt Surface Detail.jpg Moos Surface Detail.jpg Staub Surface Detail.jpg

Zigarette Surface Mikroskop.jpg Ahornblatt Surface Mikroskop.jpg Moos Surface Mikroskop.jpg

The Model

Mikroskop modell raphael gesamt.jpg Mikroskop modell raphael umgedreht.jpg Mikroskop modell raphael lampe.jpg


Skizze microscopy raphael.jpg

The idea is to have a kit, so in one situation you can watch a paper, or an interesting ground. And in the next moment you can rotate it, stick the other part on it and use it as a normal microscope. so actually you have to turn scribble two:-)

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