La Jetee Poster.jpg


My inspiration is a French movie La Jetée from 1962. Although it’s almost 60 years old, it brings to mind the VR world. Story is about a man, who survived the apocalypse. He is elected to travel between different timelines, to bring the undamaged world back. His body stays in his world and he experiences the travel with his mind.


More about the movie:

The movie tells about utopia and a try to escape of the real world, which is impossible. I find it very related to the nowdays technology and ways of use of the VR experience. The main twist in the movie //SPOILER// is that the main character gets elected to his mission because of his significant memory from childhood. Before the apocalypre started, he’s seen a man beeing killed. In the end he realised, that it was hs own death. 838 2- chris marker la jetee 1962.jpg

Those ideas left me with some strong emotions, so I decided to transfer this experience into Unity.