Bio boargame with euglena

by Nastaran Sahraei


My idea is about ancient board game that I want to rebuild it in bio lab with Euglena as game figures. Euglena are alive with photosynthetic process and live in water. Euglena is a protist with only 0.05mm in length. The thickness of human hair is about 0.07mm so it is smaller than that. In order to see it clearly, you need a microscope. However, there is great potential in this small organism. I would like to work on whether to play Euglena as a game. In this way, I have Gameboard that drains in water. First you play Euglena turn. The one who plays what is random. With the cover on the petri dishes one can force the euglena to move through the tunels and other holes and to the light. The game is in between two people and when someone has reached the last hole he has won.

Project presentation - [PDF]

Prototype for a setting

Prototype for an app

3D Form



I tried to cover it with aluminum so as not to get any light in it. In a hole I did Euglena. In all the holes there is boiled water, which I have done through the coffee filter. I have 3 holes covered with aluminum as a lid and have looked whether the Euglena after the last hole that was open or not. My experiment was not successful and I think I have to make the holes smaller.