Bio.match is a tool which allows you to find your right partner. from a great number of partners, your bio.match assistant helps you to pick the right person by matching your microbiome and making an exact analysis. have a look!

But what if you already found someone and you are not sure if she/he is the right one. Even after a long amount of time, important issues can come to the surface.

With bio.match you can test it by using our BIO MATCH DIY-KIT!

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Also, it contains:
3 Petri dishes
1 powered media
2 swab tubes / swabs
2 pairs of gloves
2 destilled water
1 desinfection spray
1 stamp
3 strips of parafilm
2 refuse bags

1 introduction


Kit closed.jpg Kit final arrangement.jpg

Unboxing 1.jpg Unboxing the kit.jpg