Allow Aloud N.1 , Marialuisa Capurso

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R u b e d o – Allow Aloud n.1 is a fl                                                        ow, A   SPAC   E, an  

                                 emotional layer, A      s    PO  nt  a   NEOUs        B
                                                       r                                                           E                                                              athA       L     OUD           S                                      CREAM,                                                          a whisper       o    f         in ti ma cY .
During the broadcast OF the 4TH OCTOBER, all the compositions have been prepared/recorded/composed, and instantly performed by Marialuisa Capurso with the delicate and precious support of Lisa Albrecht and Lefteris Krysalis.
Compositions of other artists have been played too.

In the chronological order :Welcome to R _A A n.1 Bin Ich Bereit?Patri Poetri Susie Asado , David Braden – Gertrude Stein Geography and PlaysLefteris meets Marialuisa meets Lisa / spontaneous actMiss Furr and Miss Keene of Warren Burt – Gertrude Stein Geography and PlaysSounds effects and my cry in the stairwell – Antonin Artaud
12, I Giorni Dello Stupore – Collettivo Marile Repausuri The last shall be first – Meira AsherVoice_sounds_poems – performance Marialuisa Capurso