First steps

For me it is very important to add value in the design. My designs should not just look cool, but have a deeper meaning. Ideally, they should touch people and help them in any way.

so, how can I add value to the current project?

Step 1: We established on a topic on which we wanted to work in the team.
After some discussion on topics such as „elements“ or „passion“, we committed to the issue of „oppression and liberation“.

Step 2: We searched for ispiring dance videos, who should act as a kind of guide.

Step 3: We developed first ideas on how such a strong moment could be implemented in the form of a stage costume.

– A burden that falls from the shoulders

– Light, which brings feelings to expression, once a person comes closer

– Constricting clothing that brings the clothes underneath to light at the moment of liberation

Step 4: first design ideas