"Police Car Badge"


The first time I came into contact with the topic of PCB Arts was through this module. Before i knew what PCBs were and how they are normaly used but I did not know about this large community that uses this medium in an artistical way. What really fasciated me is that there is a big part of this community that is just dedicated on making PCB badges. So for my final project I created such a badge.

The whole design of the PCB is based on the functionality of the first schematic I searched out to practise in Kicad with. Over my development time on this project, the schematic and with is the curcite, as well as the design have gone trough a few changes and adjustments.

The basic board design is made to look like an old school american police car. The main function of the curcite I used is to flash two LEDs alternately. This reminded me of a siren typically mounted on top of ambulances, firefightering vehicles and police cars. So this inspired me to design a PCB in the shape of a police car. To make the board a bit more interessting i added four more LEDs, so that not only the sirens would flash but also the headlights of the car would light up.

Schematic and Curcuit:

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