Preview of "Radio Dance 3D"

"Radio Dance 3D" is an invisible dance performance, acousmatic composition and live radio performance. The basis of "Radio Dance 3D" is a score developed by Konrad Behr with the dancer Emelie Bardon in the winter of 2018 at the Studio For Electroacoustic Music Weimar ( With the focus of the sounds a human body causes while performing a modern dance piece, both artists co-created a composition for one dancer.

Recommended for headphones!


  1. I places several sound sources and video material at the virtual performance place
  2. 4 sources with the recording of the live performance at seam
  3. 2 descriptions (english/swedish)
  4. video of "behind the stage" documentation
  5. graphical score with marker following in time

More about the project in general:

future plans / another project

making a spacial "3D sound" version of one of my tracks of my music project bad comfort