Music video as VR experience:

I am intrigued by the idea of turning a standard music video into a VR experience. The primary difference between the two is the amount of control over the audience's camera angles. In a VR experience, the viewer has at least some control of the overall view they are seeing. In order to gently direct the user's attention, I have been experimenting with lighting, shadows, and motion in ways that are commonly used in staged theater.


Because I am currently in the US and we have been focused on the death of George Floyd for almost a month, I decided to design a music video inspired by the protests. I'm focusing on the bizarre relationship between a man's personal tragedy and the personal connection the public start to feel despite not knowing him.

Not yet working:

-I had built a portal that transported the user through the video camera objects into a living room where people are sitting around watching the same scene on TV. (I used another camera as a render texture to display what the video camera objects would see). Unfortunately, this broke right before creating a video so I have to leave this out for now. -I'm thinking of trying to learn how to do facial expression mocap in order to animate the singing.