GMU:(In)visible Networks 2016

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Freenetproject network visualisation

Lecturer: Mindaugas Gapševičius
Tutors: Hasibullah Sahibzada, Marco Schröder, Azucena Sanchez Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Date: Mondays/flexible 17:00 - 20:00
Venue: Marienstraße 7b, Room 204
First meeting: Monday, 11th of April 17:00 - 20:00

Although we all use computers and the Internet on a daily basis, we act in most cases as consumers. This is valid for creative people who work with computers, especially visual artists and designers. With the "(In) visible Networks" we will question other side of the networks: How data is transferred between computers? Why does the Internet require different types of machines? What is the role of servers and personal computers within the networks? What makes our data or our networks insecure? How to structure the website so visitors find the information?

The conceptual goals of this project include the comparison and reflection of different network structures (e.g. hierarchical structures, decentralized structures, oriented to Web 2.0, etc.).

The aim of the course is to redesign and to update the website of the GMU. This includes discussion on structuring the content and work on the new content. Students in the course will be introduced to server side systems/applications (Unix, Apache, MySQL), "front end" programming/CMS (Typo 3, HTML, PHP, Java Script) and content (website structure, writing). The work on content and programming will be supervised by tutors.


  Please send a motivation letter before April 8th, 2016 to mindaugas.gapsevicius [ät]

To: mindaugas.gapsevicius [ät]
Subject: (In)visible Networks /// Application

  • Your motivation to join the course
  • Name, Surname
  • program and semester (Studienprogramm und Fachsemester)
  • matriculation number (Matrikelnummer)
  • Valid email address


  • Hasibullah Sahibzada (server side and back end), hasibullah.sahibzada [ät]
  • Marco Schröder (content), cramo.erst [ät]
  • Azucena Sanchez (web structure, CMS), azucena.sanchez [ät]


1 Seminar. Internet. 11.04.2016

  • Computer Networks and Routing Systems (LAN, WAN, P2P; TCP/IP, DNS)
  • CMS
  • GMU website and wiki
  • Planing work (GMU website and wiki)

2 Seminar. Self-organisation. 02.05.2016

  • Vulnerability of Networks
  • Alternative networks P2P (Baobaxia, Freenet, tor, BitTorrent, YaCy)
  • Update on work (GMU website and wiki)

3 Seminar. Social networks. 23.05.2016

  • Concepts (Bruno Latour, Graham Harman, Karen Barad)
  • Internet of things
  • Update on work (GMU website and wiki)

server side

Supervised by Hasibullah Sahibzada

  • small tutorials on languages
  • web tutorials
  • installing new wiki
  • upgrading wiki
  • implementing

client side

Supervised by Azucena Sanchez

  • what is CMS / different types
  • general structure of wordpress / basics of html, css, php
  • constructing and usability wordpress
  • constructing and usability typo3/wiki

First tutor class

  • Intro to HTML, CSS


Supervised by Marco Schröder

  • general structures of the websites / different websites / artists websites
  • Analysis of public GMU and WIKI/GMU
  • create a structure for the website
  • content (including BioLab, DBL, who is teaching, concept)