Tattoo Tattoo

Project Proposal

Tattoo Tattoo proposes to use the coordinated movement of dancers' bodies to generate an audio-visual performance. As parts of the body come into proximity or contact with one another wireless sensors transmit this information to a central processor, which uses the arrangement and proximity of the bodies to govern sound generation.

The video linked below, documenting an acro dance performance by Ali Temple and Klodi Dabkiewicz, was used to identify possible body/spatial arrangements.


The study below demonstrates the rhythm resulting from tracking contact and proximity of the hands and feet of two dancers. The colored circles indicate the various parts of the body and their overlaps.

Wsedig cg 13-9 proposal.jpg

Tattoo Tattoo will use the Arduino to sense the arrangement of the dancers' bodies and transmit this information to the central processor, which will compose sounds in real time relative to their movement.