Weimar/How to get there

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How to get there

by Train

Trains are the standard way to travel in Germany, but it may be expensive if you book last minute. Booking well in advance will save you up to 75% but is bound to one specific train and not transferable. Deutsche Bahn even offers special deals from other European countries from 39,- but the availability is limited.

<display_points service="openlayers" layers="osm-oepnv,osm-mapnik,osmarender" zoom="7"> 50.975714,11.330031|Weimar, Germany </display_points>


There is a good network of bicycle routes but it takes some planning. <display_points service="openlayers" layers="osm-cyclemap,osm-mapnik,osmarender" zoom="9"> 50.975714,11.330031|Weimar, Germany </display_points>


There is a coach service to Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities operated by Flixbus and BerlinLinienBus.


Obviously you may also travel by car. <display_points service="openlayers" layers="osm-mapnik,osmarender,bing" zoom="7"> 50.975714,11.330031|Weimar, Germany </display_points>


Local Airports Erfurt-Weimar and Leipzig Halle are low traffic and service holiday destinations only. Frankfurt/Main is Germany's airport hub and as close to Weimar as Berlin. If you are planning to take the train from the airport you should inquire with your travel agent or airline if they offer a Rail to Fly ticket which costs only 25,-€ from any airport to any destination in Germany.