Wasserstoff or Hydrogen means burns water. It is the most abundant element in the universe. If you want to learn some more facts about hydrogen go to the wikipedia page. Hydrogen

Filiming Concepts

Switching to a Hydrogen Based Economy

This is an important element in the future of economic growth and a sustainable environment. The concept of switching to a fossil fuel based economy to a hydrogen economy means creating infrastructure and improving the development of liquid hydrogen. This mean developing and creating new means of hydrogen gas production, storage, distribution, transport, stations, and then the burning of hydrogen to power cars and other transportation methods.

Right now the main problem with switching to a Hydrogen based economy, is that it still relies on fossil fuels in the production of liquid hydrogen. Though greener tech is being developed like separating hydrogen from water, the fastest means of production still come from the conversion process with diesel.

Iceland has shrived to become one of the worlds first hydrogen based economies by 2050. The buses in Reykjavik are powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and they are currently working on creating hydrogen fuel cell powered fishing fleet. hydrogen Economy Wiki


Space Shuttles Main Engine

The Space shuttle program is coming to an end, and so is the SSME a liquid hydrogen powered reusable thruster engine. Since its first flight in 1981 these engines have been a staple part of the Shuttle program. The technology for these thruster engines will live on in the Ares V rockets but will not function in a reusable matter. It would be nice to do a tribute to these incredible engines, as well as the space shuttle program coming to an end in September. SSME Rocket wiki

Vulcain Rocket Engine

The future of the European Space program! This engine uses both Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen to power its thrusters. This rocket is being developed with contractors from France, Italy, and Sweden. Vulcain Rocket wikipedia

Algae production of Hydrogen

Through the process of starving Algae of sulfur, these remarkable plants instead of producing oxygen in the process of photosynthesis will then produce Hydrogen. This process is being explored by the university of Karlsruhe here in Germany. In 2006 they have created a bio reactor where 00-1,000 liters of algae cultures is being developed. Bio Hyrdo Production Wiki

The creation of Hydrogen Infrastructure

In northern France the first Hydrogen Pipeline was developed. This infrastructure along highways and filling stations is important in the transition to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines.

Fuel Cell Mercedes

From concept cars to the production of a line of road ready vehicles, Mercedes has been breaking ground on hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars. Mercedes will have a small fleet of F-Cell cars on the road by 2010.

The Mercedes Fuel Cell Bus'

Hydrogen Bombs

Well its hard to have hydrogen and not mention some of the darker purposes it has been used for. President Obama has made nuclear proliferation a top priority, and last month 47 world leaders gathered in Washington to discuss handling of nuclear materials. Nuclear Weapons Wiki

The First H Bomb Test'

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