Week 01

Course application project

The drawing instructions are sketched out here:
Ppapadi 01a.jpg

The result is here:
Ppapadi 01b.jpg

Week 03

1. Random distribution matrix

This centralized ray matrix is a visualisation of a random distribution of interconnected points.
Ppapadi 03a.jpg

2a. Curve controlled by randomness
Ppapadi 03b.jpg

2b. Curve controlled by randomness - bonus
Ppapadi 03c.jpg

Week 04

1. Generative turtle walk
This turtlewalk follows a set of commands and repeats itself at a different angle when the turtle restarts.

The red dots are the turning points of the route, but displaced.
Ppapadi 04.jpg

Week 05

1a. Recursive turtle

The module of this turtle is a kind of cardiograph.
Ppapadi 05 sketch1.jpg

Ppapadi 05a.jpg

1b. Recursive turtle #2 - bonus
Ppapadi 05 sketch2.jpg

Ppapadi 05b.jpg

2. Dancing fractal tree
This fractal tree is controlled according to the angle set by the slider at the lower left.

Each set of branches is thinner and whiter than the previous one.
Ppapadi 05c.jpg

Week 06

Braitenberg vehicle
These creatures are attracted to light. When reaching the border they make a U-turn.
The fun starts with a click of the mouse. While it lasts, the vehicles leave a red trace and the potential newborns leave red dots.

Upon releasing the mouse, newborns are introduced in the canvas - but they only live until the next click takes place.
Ppapadi 06.jpg

Week 07

Braitenberg vehicle with custom environment

The Braitenbergs are drawing a portrait of a friend of theirs, Hal 9000.
Ppapadi 07.jpg

Week 10


The needles are initially restless, but after a while they gradually tune to shape constantly shifting patterns of horizontals and verticals.
A drag of the mouse over the compasses introduces extra angst and colour to the system.
The characteristics of the grid are adjustable through the GUIGraphical User Interface.
Ppapadi 10b.jpg

Semester project

Work in progress:
Ppapadi Final1.jpg

Ppapadi Final2.jpg

Ppapadi Final3.jpg

The Urban Braitenbergs

Stepping on variations we studied in class and the coding sessions, I tried to combine the idea of simulation
with my interest in the process of wayfinding.Braitenberg Vehicles of type 1 (fear) are introduced to
a simulation of urban space. They leave their homes and make their way through the city.

City blocks are generated through the GUIGraphical User Interface, whereas citizens are introduced with a mouse click.

Ppapadi Final.jpg