So you want to be a user researcher? | Pat's Point of View

What are best practices for designing group projects? - Enhancing Education - Carnegie Mellon University

Stanford University - Course Evaluation - sample_crse_eval.pdf

Ready, Set, Design! | Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York

Intro to HCI


User Experience Podcast | Information & Design

Podcasts on HCI

Little Big Details

UX + Usability debate: Make it meaningful | The Contrast Blog

Johnny Holland –» Johnny TV’s 10 Must-See UX Videos

Kicker Studio: Essential Interaction Design Essays and Articles

25 User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time - Smashing Magazine

HCI Bookmarks

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The IxD Library - A collection of materials related to Interaction Design

Forum Nokia - Interaction design and prototyping

Interaction Design Association

International Journal of Design

Grundsätze des Interaction Designs (Bruce Tognazzini) – Übersetzung von Jens O. Meiert

Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Introduction to Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Don Norman's / user advocacy and human-centered design

User Interface Design For Programmers - Joel on Software

Putting people first » UX Week 2008 videos

Guidelines |

Objects-Actions Interface model

Managing UI Complexity | Brandon Walkin

Main Page - WikID, the Industrial Design Engineering wiki

Usability Bloopers – Short videos on bad UI design - User Experience & Usability Review Blog


Project Canvas - projectcanvasenglishv1.pdf

Design Council - Design methods

IBM Design: UCD process

misconceptions and bad things

Making it suck | Cooper Journal

The Myth of the Genius Designer

Apple: Focus on the buyer, not the user: "The Third User" | askTog

Why did infinite scroll fail at Etsy? |

No to NoUI – Timo Arnall

Dilbert comic strip for 12/12/2001 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

Dilbert comic strip for 08/17/2004 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

The Seduction of Simple: Hidden Complexity « Aza on Design

UX Myths

Myth #13: Icons enhance usability - UX Myths

[Failed Entwicklungshilfe: Öfen für alle | ZEIT ONLINE]

The Dirtiest Word in UX: Complexity | UX Magazine

Bad Human Factors Designs

Dilbert comic strip for 02/02/2001 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

Technology Demo on

Dilbert: Business Language


Berufswahl: So You Want To Be An Interaction Designer

Branchenreport 2008 — German UPA

Interactiondesigner Berufswahl

A User Experience design and consulting firm that unites theory and practice to advance the art of user experience design while helping clients make better business decisions. Located in San Francisco, California, USA.


IA Strategy: Addressing the Signatures of Information Overload :: UXmatters

Editing tips for designers : Cennydd Bowles

Jesse James Garrett: ia/recon

action research

Action Research in HCI | Alan Dix

Action Research in Education


Human Interface Guidelines: Introduction

Five Lessons from a Year of Tablet UX Research | UX Magazine

designing_for_mobile.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt)

Challenges of Interface Design for Mobile Devices » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog)

Main Page - Design For Mobile: resources for designing and building mobile apps and sites

Forum Nokia - Design and User Experience

Rachel Hinman | UX Week 2008 | Adaptive Path on Vimeo

Small Screen UI Design - Recommended Links - Resources - Paul Hibbitts, Vancouver, Canada

zenofpalm.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt)

Best Practices for Designing Mobile Applications

Four Key Principles of Mobile User Experience Design - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Ask E.T.: iPhone interface design

How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices? :: UXmatters


Know When to Stop Designing, Quantitatively « Aza on Design

Keystroke Level Model (KLM) Calculator

Particletree » Visualizing Fitts’s Law

Coding Horror: The Opposite of Fitts' Law

Hick's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


(early) History of Pen and Gesture Computing: References Papers

when to use drag & drop (some informal research results) | disambiguity

Direct Manipulation

Command Line Interfaces - Don Norman's

books by Don Norman, personal web page for Don Norman, of the Nielsen Norman Group and Northwestern University, champion of human-centered design. Publications, papers, sample chapters and writings, list of students.

Text entry for mobile computing: Models and methods, theory and practice

zoomabel UI: zoomism

Design of Search User Interfaces (Ch 1) | Search User Interfaces | Marti Hearst | Cambridge University Press 2009

Interaction Design Guide for Touchscreen Applications

iPad Application Design » Slate Devices Touch Interaction

JavaScript $1 Unistroke Recognizer

LukeW | Touch Gesture Reference Guide

The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user interfaces.The guide contains: 1) an overview of the core gestures used for most touch commands 2) how to utilize these gesture ...

NYC IxDA - Tap is the New Click - Dan Saffer on Vimeo

The Design and Implementation of Pie Menus -- Dr. Dobb's Journal, Dec. 1991 | Don Hopkins

Touch Screen UI Guidelines - Design For Mobile: resources for designing and building mobile apps and sites

Touch: 10GUI

Touch: mtMini - DIY Multitouch Mini Pad

Ubunutu Guidelines for Touch Interfaces; Target sizes

Usability of iPad Apps and Websites: First Research Findings

NUI Are Not Natural

Pie Menu Central


UsabilityNet: questionnaire resources

Writing surveysthatwork

Computer System Usability Questionnaire


Measuring satisfaction: Beyond the usability questionnaire

Schritte der Fragebogen Konstruktion

University of Leeds - Guide to the Design of Questionnaires

PowerPoint-Präsentation - Fragenbogen und Interview.pdf


10 Things to Know About the System Usability Scale (SUS): Measuring Usability

Prototyping etc.

Storyboarding Rich Internet Applications with Visio - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

A List Apart: Articles: Sketching in Code: the Magic of Prototyping

Interactive Prototypes with PowerPoint - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Thinking Aloud: The #1 Usability Tool

A List Apart: Articles: Paper Prototyping

7 myths about paper prototyping

Paper Prototypes Work as Well as Software Prototypes |

Quick and Easy Flash Prototypes - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Prototyping · Research · Stanford HCI

particiaptive Design

The Quality of Design Participation: Intersubjectivity in Design Practice

Psycho & Evaluierung

Heuristic Evaluation

Center for information about heuristic evaluation of user interface designs: a cheap and fast usability inspection method (by Jakob Nielsen who co-invented the method in 1989)

Statistical Analysis for User Research: When Is It Meaningful? - User Centric, Inc.

Cognitive dimensions of notations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Guerrilla HCI

Fitts's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cognitive Psychology & IA: From Theory to Practice - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Heuristic Evaluation - a Step By Step Guide

A Brief History of the Magic Number 5 in Usability Testing: Measuring Usability

How to Deal With Quantitative Criticism: Measuring Usability

Nine misconceptions about statistics and usability: Measuring Usability

10tips for mobile usability testing

Social/User Creativity

Empowering Users to Create Their Own Software :: UXmatters

Designing for Social Interaction - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Principles of Social Interaction Design | Johnny Holland

Gamification And UX: Where Users Win Or Lose | Smashing UX Design

Reputation Patterns - Design Pattern Library - YDN

Paper: Why it Works When it Works

Paper: A Tale of Two Online Communities: - cc09.pdf

Paper: Edits and Credits


User Experience and Experience Design

User Satisfaction vs. Performance Metrics

Measuring satisfaction: Beyond the usability questionnaire


EXAMPLE: (cc-by) How to do a research interview - YouTube

EXAMPLE: cc-by Interview with Ben Clip - YouTube

EXAMPLE: Road safety for London cyclists

EXAMPLE: Reading Ahead project: Chris interview clip on Vimeo

BBC User Centered Design of Weather Page

SAGE - Student and Instructor Site for Sucessful Qualitative Research

CC-By: What does it mean to be 16? (High School Project)the NYC iSchool on Vimeo

CC-BY: How do poeple choose meat?

Analysis presentation. Mainly desciptive.

CC-BY: The Challenges of Small Business Owners on Vimeo

Much edited; Nice Interview snippets

CC-BY: Man explains future house

Guy walks through unfinished house showing what he wants to do there.

CC-BY: Warten auf der Straße

Migranten reden über ihren Treffpunkt, eine Straßenecke, und warum sie dort warten.

Top 10 Ethnographic Research Videos - The Usabilla Blog


Participant Observation as a Data Collection Method | Kawulich | Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research

Research Guidelines: Make Friends, No Answers, No Selling

When To Use a Focus Group and When Not To | Mozilla UX

adaptive path » nondirected interviews: how to get more out of your research questions

When Interviews Go Wrong :: UXmatters

Fragetechnik – Wikipedia


Aktionsforschung – Wikipedia

Co Design Workshop Techniques

Ethnography in Industry: Objectives? | UX Magazine

Grounded Theory – PflegeWiki

Schematischer Ablauf der Grounded Theory am Beispiel der Studie "Vertrautheit" von Corry Bosch – PflegeWiki

A List Apart: Articles: Can You Say That in English? Explaining UX Research to Clients

Diary/Focusgroup Entry Coding Organization

Diary Studies Slides

Diary studies - A primer

The Dos and Don’ts of Diary Studies - eri on the interweb

Tiresias :: Project tools :: Diary studies

Bite-Sized UX Research :: UXmatters

Design Research Methods for Experience Design :: UXmatters

AEIOU Framework | EthnoHub Help

Thematic analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mythbusting: Corporate Ethnography and the Giant Green Button | PARC blog

Contextual Enquiry – A Primer » SitePoint

Guerrilla User and Design Research

[User Research (LondonBarCamp3)]

InContext » Helpful Tips to Improve Your Contextual Inquiry Techniques

Five UX Research Pitfalls | UX Magazine

adaptive path » research is a method, not a methodology

Contextual Inquiry - Fluid Project Wiki

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Design Research | UX Booth

Design Ethnography Ressources/Fieldguide

The Usability Methods Toolbox - Usability Methods Toolbox Contextual Design Heuristic Evaluation Inspection Inquiry usable engineering

D. Research Ethics

Method Overview: Designing With People

Rapid Ethnography in Evaluation -

Iterate: "How Failure Taught Edison to Repeatedly Innovate - Forbes"

Sketching made easy

Persona-non-crata: critical view of personas

Creatitvity and Facilitation

Sozialpsychologie: Gruppen entscheiden meistens schlecht | ZEIT ONLINE

Atul Gawande: How Do Good Ideas Spread? : The New Yorker

Warum Brainstorming nicht funktioniert - Windstille im Kopf - Wissen - Sü

Eight Tips for Better Brainstorming - Businessweek

Problems With Innovation Workshops | UX Magazine

Productivity Loss In Brainstorming_Toward the Solution of a Riddle.pdf

Group versus individual performance on tasks requiring ideational proficiency (brainstorming): A review - Group_versus_individual_performance_on_tasks_1973_KOPS8835.pdf

Design studio workshop

The Design Studio Method - Todd Zaki Warfel on Vimeo

Oblique Strategies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving - Table Of Contents


[about:blank Connecting…]

Read It: Search User Interfaces

Buxton: Input Theories, Techniques and Technology

Interaction Design - Second Edition

The companion website for the book Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction, by Preece, Rogers and Sharp. On this site, you'll find a variety of resources and activities to support your exploration of interaction design.

The Media Computing Group : Jan's Top Ten List of Books on Human-Computer Interaction


FLOSS Transkriptionstool

Videotape Consent Form (DOC - 152KB)

Templates |


OpenSource: learning to participate- Modules

CASSM-Method for concept matching analysis

Technology acceptance model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Forms and Signups

Select multiple form fields - finding a better solution for multiple selection

Despite their important function, select multiple form fields are problematic. This article looks at the inherent problems with select multiple form fields, and talks about ways to improve upon them.

Instructional Des.

IDKB - Doing an ID Project

ARCS-Modell – Wikipedia

Recht und Business

A List Apart: Articles: Designing Contracts for the XXI Century


sampling and Recruiting

7 Ways to Find Users for Usability Testing: Measuring Usability

7 Ways to Find Users for Usability Testing: Measuring Usability

Kommunikation, Aufbereitung, Visualisierung

persona template

Using Storyboards and Sentiment Charts to Quantify Customer Experience :: UXmatters

Walking Through Your Product Design With Stakeholders :: UXmatters

Designing with Stakeholders? Accelerating the design process through co-creation | UX Magazine

Communicating User Research Findings :: UXmatters

Ask Tog: How to Deliver a Report Without Getting Lynched

Persona Template.indd - PersonaTemplate.pdf

The Anatomy of an Experience Map - Adaptive Path

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Customer Experience - Adam Richardson - Harvard Business Review

Communicating User Research Findings :: UXmatters

The Value of Customer Journey Maps: A UX Designer’s Personal Journey :: UXmatters

3 Keys to Aligning UX with Business Strategy :: UXmatters

Knowledge / Importance Matrix for Wiki Project Coordination :: UXmatters

Philosophie und Denken

brand eins Online: brand eins 10/2000 - SCHWERPUNKT: Design


Dancing with the Cards: Quick-and-Dirty Analysis of Card-Sorting Data :: UXmatters


activity Theory

CHI 97: Activity Theory: Basic Concepts and Applications

Activity Theory

Introduction to Activity Theory in HCI

Activity-Centered Design