Ulas Yener: The Infinity Room


My idea of designing an infinity room was born of the inspiration from the works of two different artists.

First designed by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, in which the artist constructed one room made of LEDLight-emitting diode lights and mirrors. And then that of Turkish artist Refik Anadol, who made an installation with projectors and data-base. Both installations are able to place the the viewer in a space that they are able to experience reality as a virtual yet real endless space.

Where has been almost 100 years that the endless spaces created by Maurits Cornelis Escher, in which such perspectives of reality where able to become disintegrated and confuse our senses and as such create what we now know as “VR".

Where the idea of watching an infinite space is able to create a overall disturbance and disorientation, and this is its main essence. Where in my work, I have been able to give back some sort of control back to the user. Where by one is able to change the motion of the room, and experiment with their own level of (dis)confort.

Technically it will be presented with a VR as a 360-degree animation, accompanied the electronic music, and where base and primary colors, along with the tones of black and white, are reflected within and throughout my infinity room. And as such adding to its overall experience of an endless movement of space.

The Infinity Room by Ulas Yener
The Infinity Room 360º VR Animation - Bauhaus University Summaery 2017 - User Experience Video

Inspired by:

Infinity Room by Refik Anadol
Infinity Mirrors by Yayoi Kusama