1. An initial idea

Since I was in Germany, I have spent quite much time going to the part and enjoy the atmosphere of the native forest, which brings me another overview of the forest. In my perspective, forests in Germany is almost truly natural, which means there is mostly not impacted by humans. I found that local people always keep the forest as natural as possible and most of the time I practice meditation walking in the forest, which helps me to reduce blood pressure and level of stress.

The interesting is, there is a large number of tree falleth especially in the wintertime. Therefore, I started noticing them and explored that a hollow log is a habitat for insects and other creatures. Inside of hollow logs, I have found beautiful aesthetic aspects of the forest that we might never notice. The structure of logs is complex and rhythmic likes it is architecturally designed by kind of insects. These aspects construct a whole new environment and show a different view of the forest. I have to say that the more I explore the hollow log, the more hypnotized I become.





Why I chose meditation and fallen trees as a topic to make my art? It does not sound relevant. However, in my point of view, I have found an amazing similarity between hollow logs in natural forests and meditation in humans life.

Physically, there is a fact that a natural place such as a forest is a reasonable space to practice meditation. The reason is meditation can help us recharge energy or relieve depression when we cope with difficult situations. Therefore, after getting rid of time in depression, we can able to ready for the next step of our life.

Ecologically, according to a science finding paper, Lewis Thomas states that “connections in the life and death cycle from trees to logs are not only wonderfully complex but also quite confounding. What is clear is that the forest absolutely requires death to survive”. Thereby we can see, a fallen tree is not an end, it creates a new circle of life for insects.

Subconsciously, combining both physical and ecological aspects shows a spiritual meaning. Firstly, ecology’s circulation demands death to regenerate new creatures. Secondly, in the spiritual idea, meditation shows people that facing crisis, acceptance of difficult situations are needs to start a new beginning.

Meditation in a hollow log might help people link the relationship between natural intuition in their mind and the cycle of life in the natural environment, they are the same and essential in life. Thus, they would recognize that in this life there must be a failure before a new journey can begin.

2. Immersive Art environment inside Hollow log-creating a virtual forest

Presentation -03.png

Layouts of map

Presentation -04.png

Presentation -05.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 19.26.25.png Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 19.27.15.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 19.29.00.png Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 19.29.40.png

In this project, I decided to choose a voice guidance method to lead experiencers, developed a 3D environment and translate it into a game to get to know how people react to meditation in 3D spaces. The immersive game is navigated by using a keyboard. Following the voice guidance, players can concentrate to listen to the voices and move towards targeted places and immerse themselves in the environment.

In the future, I want to expand this project, so players would use a detective breathing device to navigate in 3D space instead of using a computer keyboard. The detective breathing device would help and train players to breathe properly when they practice meditation. The reason is breathing properly is significantly important in relieving stress and getting more concentration in mind, brain and behavior. I want to bring them to a place having a different experience and aesthetic aspect.

3. Experience meditation in hollow logs (download a match version with your computer)


Mac IOS version --->

Window version ---->

4. Experience surveying

After experience meditation in hollow logs, I would like to invite you to do a very small survey (4-5 questions), so I would know how you interact with this environment. This would help me to understand more about your experience. This is because, in the future, I want to extend and improve this project. Thank you for your time!

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