Tanja Szallies, Eri Kubo, Mirce Velarde-Liljehult, Liese Endler, Dovile Aleksaite

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Group (minimum 15 people) performance based on language and swarm/distributed behaviour. The performance raises the questions of communication and being together as a group through the distance between performers.

The score of the performance/choreography is based on following criteria: loudness, the direction of the speaking, the distance between the performers, staying still/movement.

The group of performers is spread around the cafe stage. They all repeat simple spoken construct - a word or a sentence. Their speaking is directed only to four directions: front, back, left and right. Through the performance the performers change their positions and in such a way the small groups are created. The audience has the opportunity to be in between the performers and experience sound installation from different positions.

There is a possibility after some time to change the location (to move to another space in HKW) and to have some other sentence/word to be repeated - so to create a narrative and continuity of the performance.

  • No technical requirements
  • Set Up Time: 1 hour before
  • Duration: 0,5 - 2 hours
  • Space: all cafe stage / possibly other spaces of HKW