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Vector base amplitude panning (vbap)


Wave field synthesis / Wellenfeldsynthese (wfs)

Sound Spatialisation in Pure Data

  • Sound Spatialisation in Pd a beautiful Tutorial by Georg Holzmann
  • Ambilib - a collection of external objects for Pure Data and Max/MSP
  • HOA Library for Pd/Max vido
  • PdMtl Abstractions include some nice Ambisonics abstractions
  • bin_ambi – Real-Time Rendering Engine for Virtual (Binaural) Sound Reproduction
  • space~ by Shahrokh Yadegari
  • Shenonono is a series of objects and patches for Pure Data that specialise in the performance and production of surround sound using the ambisonic format

Convolution with impulse responses in Pure Data

  • [bsaylor/partconv~]
  • [cyclone/buffir~]
  • [earplug~/earplug~]
  • [iemlib/FIR~]