With processing, I'd like to play around with my tracking data (GPS[[GPS|Global Positioning System]] and GPX) coming from my running app Runmeter. My initial idea is to visualize the tracks I run. By layering my tracks on top of each another, I try to create patterns and shapes that work in a certain algorithm.

#1 Approach

#2 Approach

Evathin runroute.gif

When playing the sketch in processing, I’d like to see the tracks I’ve ran with the follwing effects:

  1. My tracks pop up after pushing enter.Then they start running.
  2. The tracks are coloured.
  3. The speed of my tracks automatically add an intense colour to the stroke of the GPX trace according to the speed I ran. Viceversa: The route faints when the speed slows down.
  4. Another track I ran will be added after pushing enter another time.

I used Processing 2.2.1.

#3 Approach

Evathin gestalt-code.png

After the two approaches, I focused on a more graphic code. When moving the mouse the ellipse's speed changes.