Instructors: Peter Brinkmann, Martin Roth, and Dan Wilcox

This will be an introduction to using libpd, the C library for embedding Pure Data as the audio engine in custom applications, including those on Android, iOS, and Mac/Win/Linux (via OpenFrameworks and ofxPd).

Participants are encouraged to come up with ideas for musical apps that they wish to implement. The workshops will be hands-on, ranging from the setup of libpd for various development environments to the design and implementation of libpd-based apps, with a brief discussion of what to keep in mind when patching for libpd.


Some apps made with libpd:

Note: If you plan to experiment with writing an iOS application, be advised that you will need to join the Apple iOS Developer Program ($99 :P) if you want to have a Provisioning Profile in order run your app on an actual iOS device. (This is not needed to experiment with the iOS simulator included with XCode.) Acquiring the profile may take a few days, so make sure you do this before coming to the workshop.

See also the paper PDCON:Conference/Embedding Pure Data with libpd: Design and Workflow

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4th international Pure Data Convention 2011 Weimar ~ Berlin