This workshop provided by vj palm (BR), goal to discuss about what means video mapping projections and the possibilities of this media as a kind of “expanded reality”. Crossing animated real-physical obejcts with sensors, became possible to change all the relationship mixing real time data and real objects.

Inside this context, vj palm will show how simple can be project images using single projector to produce dozens of interactive objects at same time using Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment-Extended and a patch called VMPD.

also, a small talking about the work with norwegian artist HCGilje, and the VideoProjectionTools control system using Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment.

BEWARE: This workshop is not a hardcore Pure Data coding lecture, and yes, a not-so-advanced (Pure Data newbies are welcome!) session about how to use Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment to produce video-art-interactive-installations.

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4th international Pure Data Convention 2011 Weimar ~ Berlin