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Concerto Para Lanhouse

Artist: Giuliano Obici

Short Summary

Concerto para LanHouse is an audiovisual installation for computers connected in a local area network (LAN, commonly used in internet cafes). The work arose from experiments undertook during audio and interactive video workshops and hacklabs in rooms of free internet access throughout Brazil.

The installation was programmed and composed in two parts. The first part combines the lights of monitors and the sound from computer speakers spread around the room to create an interplaying game of sound, illusory movements and synchrony. In the second part, color variations are used in an extended intertwining of “horizontal temporal arrangements”.

Considering the computer as a tool which brings together different media (metamedia), being it capable of articulating sound, light and machines in a metadata flux through the LAN, Lanhouse Concerto incites the thought of the LAN as a metainstrument. The building of this metainstrument can be understood as a handicraft work analogous to the work of a luthier. The digital ‘luthiering’ would take place on a plane combining hard and software, the computer network and audiovisual programming environments such as Pure Data.

The installation thinks the local computer network as a kind of “media performance.” Lanhouse Concerto is a little aesthetic “performedia” exercise and also a modest tribute to the 108.000 internet cafés currently (2010) spread around Brazil.


Experimental and sound artist. Psychology graduated; Master degree in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP) whose result is the book “Listening condition: media and sound territories”. In the last two years has been taught on the Musical Production Course in the School of Arts of Anhembi Morumbi' s University (São Paulo). Nowadays dedicate himself to art research and at the Doctorate course in music, ECA–University of São Paulo. Teachs digital art focusing audio and video real time interaction, digital lutherie, sound experimentation as well as installations using free hardware and software. With Alexandre Fenerich creates the N-1 duo.

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