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Laptop Orchestra workshop: La Roda

Artists: Quim Llimona, John O'connell, William Goutfreind and the workshop participants

"US19337" (aka "La Roda") is built upon the idea of the telephone game, a metaphore of the inconsistency of interpersonal communication. Each player has his own instrument which can add a subtle effect to an incoming message. All the instruments are connected and the audio signal flows from one to the other sequentially, resilting on a spinning, accumulatively processed audio loop. That gave the informal name for the pieces, “La Roda” (catalan words for "The Wheel”).

The piece is managed by the conductor, who selects some raw audio material to start with, the loop speed and other aesthetic parameters. The players, from the Laptop Ochestra workshop, will have freely built their own instruments, so the overall behavior is really unpredictable and each performance is unique and unrepeatable.

Barcelona Laptop Orchestra

The Barcelona Laptop Orchestra premiered on 2008. It is currently conducted by Josep Maria Comajuncosas, professor in the Sonology Department at the School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC). Their members are students and teachers at the school of music and students from the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra as well.

One of the aims of the orchestra is to stablish a meeting point for researchers, digital luthiers, performers, and composers, to explore new musical control interfaces and networked performances.

Although the laptop is an important tool within the orchestra, our paradigms go beyond the technology. Our repertoire consists of reinterpretations of electroacoustic classics and compositions that exploit new paradigms in networked improvisations.

The orchestra regularly performs at different festivals in Catalonia, highlighting the last performance at Sonar, Barcelona (2011) and the performances at the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) in Porto (2009) and Barcelona (2010).

<videoflash type=youtube>ZNPH3-wWKC8</videoflash>

Wednesday 10. Aug. 2011
21.00 - 23.00
Goetheplatz 12, Radio Lotte

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