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Pd meetings “Show you patch” @N.K.

Saturday 17h/18h-20h30 + Sunday 13h-16h

Show your patches. either if they're finished or not, if they're working or not, ... and then interact with other Pd programmers that will have something to ask you, or whom you want to ask something.

These sessions are divided in 2 parts: presentations / free exchange.


  • each person has 3 minutes to present their patch
  • after a group of 5 persons, there is a small Q+A round
  • the next group of 5 comes in, and so on

Free exchange

  • all authors that presented something are now in the room, and anyone is free to go to them and ask more detailed questions

If you want to take part in these meetings, please send a mail to puredata [dot] berlin [at] googlemail [dot] com stating:

  • your name
  • very few words explaining the purpose of your patch
  • a couple of tag words that categorise your patch

Multiple submissions are possible. List your slots/patches in order of importance - in case there are too many persons speaking, we might have to make a selection.

A beamer and a stereo PA will be available for the presentations.

Concert #1

Saturday 22h, @LEAP

Program:works selected by the PDCON organisation.

Ed Kelly: Synchroma Was a Broken String
Jinyao Lin: Tracks
Alexandre Porres: Something Stuck in My Throat
Anela Takac: Video Organ
Paloma Oliveira, Jaime Lobato: La grand Pelea

Sketch pages collective improvisation

Sunday 18h-20h, @LEAP

A collective improvisation on foreign terrain:

  • one master with 8 mono inputs and a wireless router
  • 8 workstations (slaves) on the table
  • patches are open from the master folder, and saved when time limit is finished
  • when the time limit of X minutes for each player in a given workstation is reached, the patch saves, and tells the player to which workstation he should go next
  • players are always rotating. each player goes through X workstations, and then gets sent out. A new player comes in.
  • players are advised to comment on the patches they prepare, so that new players can follow up as soon as possible. please avoid using too complex subpatches that are too hard to understand.


If you want to take active part in this event, please send a mail to puredata [dot] berlin [at] googlemail [dot] com saying:

  • your name
  • your experience level
  • if you ever played live coding in Pd
  • if you mind having your laptop being used as one of the workstations

You can also register just before the event, but we prefer to know beforehand how many people are joining in.

Late night open improvisation marathon

Sunday 22h-open end, @LEAP

Bring anything you want and can do - audio, video, sensors, ... -, and join in the group. Take an empty slot, and improvise for a while; leave for a drink and give your place to someone else; and so on and so on, until it's morning again.

Register a time slot with your name, and performance type: audio, video, audio+video, or other (instruments, etc). If you want, leave a comment about your instrument/patch.

If you want to take active part in this event, please send a mail to puredata [dot] berlin [at] googlemail [dot] com saying:

  • your name
  • your experience level
  • which medium you play - audio, visual, audio + visual, other...
  • describe your setup + plugs you need

You can also register just before the event, but we prefer to know beforehand how many people are joining in.


Monday 12h, @LEAP's rooftop

In the rooftop of LEAP. Each one brings whatever he might want to have - drinks, food, ... Chances of cooking will be surveyed.


Here is the call for installations or content, that can be displayed during the Berlin weekend:


LEAP wants to host several small installations. These have to be small objects, due to the time and technical restrictions. The details are:

  • it's possible to use any portion of the space, as long as it doesn't interfere with the activities. The space is an assimetrical room, with a terrace on top (http://leap-berlin.tumblr.com/thespace). In the lower left corner are the stairs to the terrace.
Fostex 6301B active speakers
  • the following materials are available to use:
    • 2 active loudspeakers
    • 2 small active loudspeakers Fostex
    • 2 Beamers
    • 1 Flatscreen
    • 2 DVD Players
    • Spotlights
    • other small items might be available, depending from case to case
    • Not depicted is also an adjacent black room of approx. 4x4m, isolated from the rest of the space. This room has a mounted computer, dvd HD projector and 2 Fostex loudspeakers.
  • any computer necessary to run the installation has to be provided by the author.
  • Most elements of the Pd-Berlin group will be in Weimar. So, the assembly of the installation must be done:
    • either before the week of Weimar, or during it, if coordination is possible
    • just after the trip Weimar-Berlin, before the activities begin. The timeframe is only a couple of hours.

Please send your proposals to puredata [dot] berlin [at] googlemail [dot] com. Until the 30th of July.

IAMDISPLAY call for content (patches and music)

The people of IAMDISPLAY will assemble their object, with 6 modules by a corner wall. Anyone can interact with this object by:

  • sending in a patch with their own installation
  • connecting directly to the object by audio or video plug and sending some signal. This can be done after the concerts, or during the improvisation concerts.

You can get informations about the object on the website - http://www.iamdisplay.com/. Soon a Pd template will be available.

Please send your proposals to puredata [dot] berlin [at] googlemail [dot] com. Until the 30th of July.

DISCO KUGEL call for content (patches and music)

Call for Content: Diskokugel: Audio Plant

For the Berlin weekend of the PD-Con I will install a preview version of the hardware used in my project called "Diskokugel". Diskokugel will be a sphere made of 200 speakers that can be turned on and of individually. For more information see: http://amphibiousthoughts.com/projekte/installation/diskokugel

For the installation at LEAP gallery, I will have a circuit ready that will allow the switching of 40 speakers. These speakers will be installed around a corner of the room, building a loose grid from the bottom and reaching into the room above head height. I will provide a sketch soon.

The idea is for everyone be able to connect their computer to the installation and feed their audio and control the installation. The control patch will be available on a USB stick next to the installation. People can also send in patches that will be installed on the machine that is connected permanently. These would be played at random when no other input is present.

I have put together a patch that converts a row of 40 ones and zeros into bytes that are then sent to the Arduino via [comport]. A maximum of 8 speakers can be switched on at a time. You can download it here: http://amphibiousthoughts.com/dload/PD/ You'll need gridflow in order to make [#many] work. Suggestions on how to make this better and a x/y controller interface would be highly appreciated!

The installation does not provide 40 channel audio. It is just one mono channel that can be switched on or of for each speaker. For that, 5 bytes are sent to an Arduino via the [comport] object. The Arduino will then activate the switching process once the audio signal is in zero phase. This prevents the speakers from cracking when switched on or off. This is not yet working completely, which is probably due to some current leaking somewhere in the circuit. Cracks can be heard, especially when switching very fast and using pure sine waves.

It is possible that, instead of connecting directly to the Arduino, there will be a network cable and the numbers will be sent via [netsend] or osc to a machine already installed. This will prevent PD crashes when disconnecting the Arduino without closing the [comport] connection.


  • the interface I provide must be fed with 40 separate binary numbers (1 or 0). Use [drip] to separate lists.
  • the maximum checksum of these 40 numbers is 8, i.e. a maximum of 8 speakers can be on at a time (due to limitations of the voltage supply).
  • send your Pd patches and/or music until the 30th of July to felix at amphibiousthoughts . com, for us to make a selection for display.

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