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I taste, I smell but what?

In 2020 I had a covid infection which first didn’t affect me very much physically. But after some days I realized that my taste and smell have completely disappeared. These Symptoms are typical for a covid infection but mine never really went away. For two years now I have been living with long covid. I have tried Therapy to regain my sense, but it did not work out for me. My smell is almost completely gone except for some very intense scents. But these don´t smell like they used to. Interesting for me is my taste. Some things don´t taste like they used to, some make me nauseous, some don´t taste at all, some things taste like something I have never tasted before. Sweet and Sour are sometimes switched and some ingredients/foods/meals don´t taste at all.

At the first stage of my project, I want to create a map that visualizes the connections and observations that I made. I will be experimenting with different foods and ingredients from different companies and places. For the second stage I want to build some sort of device that will make me able to compare my perception of food with chemical/sensor based “facts” of these foods. Aiming for a device that will help me get my taste back might be a bit too high, but something in the direction of helping would already be a step closer to getting it back.