We all have roles to play every moment that we decide to step out of the comfort of our “backstage” home. Personally since I could remember, I have had numerous roles (or a better word; masks) on either being a dutiful and obedient daughter or being whoever the society told me to be. I have come up with this project based on those roles by using Face Swap Live application combining with my own modified version of the famous children song that I have grown up with, Que Sera Sera. This project portrays the major roles I have (or have been told to) put on and tell the story through the lyrics in which mainly are the questions that I strongly believe we all have asked them before. Because at the end of the day, I am still lost and do not know anymore who I am and what my future holds. Do you?

The link to the video: https://vimeo.com/279856365
Password: nichanicha

The lyrics:

When I just a little girl,
I asked my mother, what will I be?
Will I be smart?
Will I be rich?
Here’s what her wise reply:

Que Sera Sera
Whatever will be, will be
Your future is mine to see
Que Sera Sera

When I was just a teenage girl,
I asked my friends, what should I be?
Should I be thin?
Should I be pale?
Here’s what they said to me:

Que Sera Sera
Whatever should be, must be
Your body is ours to see
Que Sera Sera

When I was young, I was confused
I asked society, what I should I do
Should I do art
or listen to mom?
Here’s what it said to me:

Que Sera Sera
Whatever you do, you’ll fail
Your failure is ours to see
Que Sera Sera

Now I have grown but I’m still lost
I asked myself, whom I believe?
Will I be loved
and be fulfilled?
I was told to wait and see

Namo tassa
bhagavato ara
hato sammāsambud
dhassā, Sādhu

Jesus, Jesus
Why still you don’t talk to me?
You answer is what I seek
But you are silent