We perceive things that move, they trigger our attention and curiosity. We immediately perceive them as living matter. Though, when there is a sudden noise, we prick up our ears.

Combining these two expressive triggers, can lead to an alarming outcome, though this project aims to visualise a living organism, which can be only seen when moving and is captured by sound. Finger snapping, hand clapping, whistling, drumming, hitting, screaming, stamping, clanging, etc., are wether visible or not in the image. The sequence of the single snapshots are shown in a soundless video. As a result, the brain interprets the new sequence differently from the original webcam video and new movements are seen.

Humans are able to perceive movement by motion perception. Our world consists of movement, of changes in spatial references. Motion perception accompanies us in everyday life and is important for finding our way in the world. However, we see not only real movement, but also apparent movement. Apparent movement is the perception of movement in objects that are not really moving in the physical sense. It refers to the stroboscopic movement, which is the perception of movement when viewing a sequence of slightly varied individual images.

This setup encourages to move in front of the camera, to show an emotion, to make a sound, to speak out loud.

Next step: going outside, capturing people/cars/objects/animals/plants which move and caught by random sounds of the location.

Please find in process the patch of my previous project idea regarding the pulse.

Technical Solution

Please find here the patch File:210616_Keep Moving.maxpat

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 00.05.59.png

The lower display window shows the entire webcam video. The upper window shows the current snapshot until the next one is taken. For motion tracking, jit.rgb2luma is often used to identify an moving object. This command caught my attention. By jit.unpack and jit.pack the color get changed in and bright yellow for the background and bright red for the moving object. The trigger of the microphone is set very low to take a snapshot. Even a big bite into an apple can set it off.