Project description:

When I started to work in Tools for Tales project my first idea was to focus on how to resolve technical details to make a Full Dome Interactive Projection.

I was interested in getting solutions and trying out different methods that will help me to do that.

As the class evolved, I was advised to stop thinking about the technical aspects of the project and pay more attention to the idea itself, break it down, find a concept and question why it was important to me.

I struggled trying to think outside the technical aspects. It was a long process and it took me a good amount of time.

I decided to address a personal experience, being a foreigner in a different country. This led me to work on the concept of "Borders" and discover that what I like about Full Dome Projection is its immersive quality.

In the following documentation shows part of my process to combine both parts.

I experimented with different video sketches and arrived at one video where by juxtaposing the borders of circles, the borders gradually disappear.

The next step is to work with Immigration Data to elaborate visual content and create an immersive experience where the body is a crucial aspect.


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