Commoning from the self:

Artistic strategies to immerse in the self


Communing from the self is the name of the project I am developing this semester. It is about a sort of reflections that I would like to share with some people in order to create awareness about some little big concerns that need to be faced.

Which concerns?

  • The sort of facts that the self needs to heal if I want to be able to fix some damage around me.
  • The confused self, the hurt self and the healed self: How do they look like, talk like and live like?
  • Empathy about other realities: when ?
  • It was enough pain: when ?
  • Self-exclusion while taking radical self care of the self
  • The sort of individual needs and wills that don’t allow me to commune.
  • As damaged beings we are not doing good at living together.
  • Learn how to live in a damaged planet, as holobionts with a new definition of individual.