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Goals & Non-Goals

  • Goals
    • make use of todays technology (higher resolutions and color depth, more memory, faster prozessors, gpu-processing) and interface elements such as drag 'n drop, (multi)touch
    • forget everything about tabs, bookmarks and history
    • one interface for everything - seamless browsing
  • Non-Goals
    • do minor enhancements to the old interface
    • build on top of outdated ideas


there should be more. Really.

Based on an older idea: The Webtop.

File:Webtop-jan Schepanski.pdf




older concept

(older concept)



Idea: All in One

Toolwindows (6)

  • Toolwindows make no sense. No one needs extra windows so they should be inside the browser.
  • Toolwindows could be some kind of app. So lets redefine the following:,'name','toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no, scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width=500,height=200')

this could mean: create an "app" which is 500x200 in pixels. This box can be moved around, snapped, dragged, dropped. It doesn't depend on anything. Its just there and does something. Maybe an online radio, a chat, an calculator. There could be an extra app-bar or somewhat.

File linking (6,7)

What happens when you click a link to media file in your browser? Yeah, it opens the file in a new tab or in the same tab. Why not open the image, video or music file in a new overlay that is always on top, movable and includes the typical controls?

Volume control (2)

Every tab should have a slider to control the volume. It also need some visual feedback, to signalize that the tab generates sound.

sleepy tabs

Tabs should go to sleep if not need to reduce cpu-power. There should be a button to prevent this behavior. See the FireFox Addon Tab Bar.



APPS (don't ignore apps - they need a fine place to breathe on your browser!)

ZUI (Zooming User Interfaces)

Zoomy Websites

Firefox Design Challenge results and other not that bad ideas



The Browser History


Little sketch to visualize the problem of presenting the todays non-linear browsing history.


User Interviews.

Some Images


(Screenshot of Fences more Informations on Sophie, Jule, Tristan, Laura


(Screenshot of the webbrowser Safari, more Informations on Carlo, Johannes, Sven