Isabella Lee Arturo

I am a visual and interdisciplinary artist from Colombia.

As an artist, my career has been a continuous research on themes centered on the human phenomenon, communication and power structures. This comes hand in hand with the wide range of topics that interest me and from which I link to art: from philosophical theories, psychoanalysis and media theory, as well as topics such as cybernetics and collective memory.

Early in my career I explored the idea of language as a barrier in the act of unfolding intimacy, and so I place myself as the primary subject of such explorations. Drawing on Wittgenstein's ideas, I develop my thesis around the struggle to express and communicate emotional trauma, caused by language barriers. However, the intention to understand the limits of communication has allowed me to move between intimate and public contexts. Furthermore, the tensions between identity and its absence, between social and individual experience are key to my artistic practice.

1. Shared Habitats

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In this semester I have developed the basis of my thesis project from a constellation of questions that at first seem dislocated, but that I, as a node, connected together. These questions range from topics such as the role of art in the face of collective trauma, theories of communication and language, epistemology, cybernetics and power structures. From this theory, I have designed an artistic proposal that I will present below:


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2. Patterns and techniques of a shared habitat

If the artists hoped to be elevated by theory, the theorists looked to be grounded in art; but often these two projections advanced two misconceptions: that art is not theoretical, not productive of critical concepts, in its own right; and that theory is only supplemental, to be applied or not as one sees fit. (XVI, Foster)

22 Nov. 2021 - "Where I am"

I start by analyzing where I am. I think that reflecting on what my intentions are, allows me to see more clearly what my goals are and what steps I am going to take.


24 Nov. 2021 - "Epistemic violence"

“Epistemic violence, that is, violence exerted against or through knowledge, is probably one of the key elements in any process of domination. It is not only through the construction of exploitative economic links or the control of the politico-military apparatuses that domination is accomplished, but also and, I would argue, most importantly through the construction of epistemic frameworks that legitimise and enshrine those practices of domination.” Enrique Galván-Álvarez 2010


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