Conceptual framework (References)

Dimitris Papadopoulis

László Moholy-Nagy


Safety in the lab

  • Goggles. Sometimes you will want to work with goggles. In case if something gets into the eyes: clean with running water!
  • Gloves. While working with chemicals or need clean environment for your organisms, wear gloves!
  • Started your work in the lab? Wash your hands!
  • Finished the work in the lab? Wash your hands!
  • No eating in the lab: you could contaminate your organisms/samples or, you could be poisoned by chemicals
  • Apron/lab coat. It is better to use a lab coat
  • Never pour chemicals back into the bottles
  • Never put chemicals back into the jars
  • Close containers immediately after pouring or taking out chemicals
  • Do not inhale chemicals or contaminated plates
  • Flame is not aloud. In case if needed to get rid of bacteria, be careful!
  • Read instructions before using equipment which is not familiar
  • Clean your work bench with 70% ethanol before and after the work
  • Do not put your fingers into your eyes/mouth