1. Cover the plaster statue with slimo like transparent skin.

- Morphological Similarities Between Slimo and Human Neurons

- The connection and integration between the human (me) and the slimo.

- Ancient plaster statue imitating humans and gods. It has orthodox (or conservative) meanings in human history and art history.

- The contrast and integration of the plaster statues, relics of the past, and living slimo in the present.

Blausen 0657 MultipolarNeuron.png


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Idea 2. Homesick

Motivation : I have a homesick for korea, cause I couldn't go to Korea for 2 years due to the corona situation.

procedure : 1. Bring water from a river flowing through my hometown, Anseong, Korea. 2. The movement and shape of bacteria in Anseoung river are magnified through a microscope and shown in video or photos.

context : Bacteria in Anseoung river and I share the same information and memory

+ Combining the river sample in Anseong and the river sample in Weimar?