Jonas Obertüfer

Space is the Place: From Simulation to Hyperreality

Networked Interaction of Things



Our phones collect information from us and our surroundings: all the time, sometimes or on request. In order to get access to some of that data we have to give explicit permission (e.g. GPS[[GPS|Global Positioning System]], microphone, camera) but others can be fetched by the browser or apps without noticing.

For this project I want to visualize some of that “hidden data”, creating a generative image in real time using today’s web technologies. This so generated image should simulate the phones camera view in a lo fi way.

Awaresense concept.jpg


as input serves one or multiple mobile devices. on a simple one page they see what data they send. the following data is grabbed:

  • acceleration
  • light
  • weather data


data transfer

Through the websockets protocol, the data from the mobile devices is transfered in nearly realtime to the node.js server

Awaresense server.gif


the data from the input sources is send to a server and gets visualised in two ways.


Awaresense overview.gif


Awaresense single device view.gif