Please look around, you may find something interesting about color. When you looking around in a kindergarten, it might be quite colorful. Children's color are bright and pure. However, as you grow up, the color of your clothes become darker and singler. And this regulation is related to our emotion more or less. Normally, a child live a life happily like the bright color it wearing. When one grow up, the emotion becomes much complex. And he may learns to hide himself with the help of the color. All in all, happiness is our lifetime pursuit. So, why not color our life? Start with the wearing color.

  • Step one---Color tracking

Concept 1.jpg

  • Step two---Music & Text output

assign each color value to a single music tone,such as Do Re Mi. Then the passersby will get a different experience when. Maybe in the end, I would like to add some text depends on the colors on the screen. Such as, a low tone will be played when the camera meet a dark colored cloth, and at the same time, a sentence to discribe such kind of motion can be showed.

  • Place to install---Undergrounds



In order to see the effect on averaged colors,I use PS to imitate the procedure calculated by processing.

Role1.jpg Role2.jpg Role3.jpg Role4.jpg Role5.jpg

But,the result is not the same as I imagine as beginning.After mixing the colors all through one's body, almost everybody's color become grey, no matter how colorful he or she wear. This is because that the more kinds of color being mixed, the lower brightness it will become. So "RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace" is not the best way of translating colors into values.

So, I suppose "HSB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Hue Saturation Brightness]] Colorspace" mode is a suitable way. "H":Hue "S":Saturation "B":Brightness

Rgb research.jpg B100 S changed.jpg S100 B changed.jpg


useful links:


  • Software: Processing
  • Hardware: camera

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