Virtual Assistant

Nawar Jnedee

Projektmodul 'Zeitmaschinen'

User interface design is a very important factor for the success of projects based on human-computer interaction because it determines the set of user experiences for this project.

More interactive interface design means richer user experience and what we propose here lies in the category of interactive interface design when we allow the user to select the elements that constitute the scenarios of the user experience; More clearly, we introduce a virtual assistant that provides the user with many services in a vocal and visual interactive way. These services can be chosen by the user and he can add new and up-to-date services without limits.

These services will be useful for this user as information sources when he the virtual assistant about them and all these interrogations and answers are stored in a chronological order in a data store that allows us to discover the interests of this user with the passage of time, not forgetting the importance of such data for example for service providers to evaluate their services and researches to study this historical data.

File:Virtual Assistant.pdf

The program is very extensible that we can add any new service with slight or no modifications on the original program. This project will not only provide predefined scenarios of user experience, but it will also allow the user to add or edit elements of these scenarios which make it a richer user experience.